CardLock FAQ's

Q. Is there an annual fee?
A. There is no annual fee for a Renner Fleetwide Card.

Q. Can I use my card Renner Fleetwide Card at Renner retail stores?
A. Your card can be used at all Renner retail stores, CardLock locations and on home delivery of heating fuel, gasoline and diesel.

Q. Can I use my Renner Fleetwide Card at CFN and Fuelman locations out of this area?
A. Your Renner Fleetwide Card gives you access to over 40,000 CFN & Fuelman locations throughout the US and Canada.

Q. Will I pay the posted price when I use my Renner Fleetwide Card at a CFN outside of Humboldt County?
A. No, when using the CFN network outside of Humboldt County, you will pay the OPIS (Oil Pricing Information Service- a non-biased organization) regional rack average for the area that you are fueling in, plus taxes. This means you will be charged the wholesale average for fuel that day. This could be either higher or lower than what is posted. The street price tends to move more slowly with increases and decreases.

Q. Why won’t my card work?
A. “Incorrect Reading” or “Card Read Error”- You may need a replacement card. Please contact our office and we will gladly send you one.
A. “Check Card Orientation”- Please insert the card so the reader can read the magnetic strip on the back of the card.
A. “Card Not Valid”- This indicates that your card has been locked out. Contact your card administrator.
A. “Do Not Honor”- This means that your account is past due and you need to contact our credit manager.
A. “Denied”- This applies to pre-paid cards and means your pre-paid card is out of funds and needs to be refilled.