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Q: Where does the USS Independence Go For Her Refueling Needs?

That's Right! Renner Petroleum!

DEF Available at the Pump!

Diesel Exhaust Fluid  (DEF) is now available at the Pump at our Arcata CardLock location and will be available in Eureka and Fortuna on March 1,  2013.

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Pure Gas Now Available

Pure gas should be used in all your small engine and outboard motor applications. Three problems Ethanol can cause:

It is a Water Magnet - It will pull water out of the air right through your gas tank vent hose. In our high-humidity climate this can be especially harmful to your engine. As moisture is absorbed, the molecules of alcohol/water become heavier than the gasoline in the tank, and they settle at the bottom. This process is called "phase separation".

Unstable Octane Levels - Due to ethanol's high octane rating, if enough water is present in a fuel tank the ethanol can migrate to the water layer, dropping the octane level. This will leave you with lower octane fuel in the tank, and if the separated mixture becomes great enough to reach the fuel pickup tube, it will be sucked up into the engine, where it can clog filters, carburetor jets and fuel injectors.

Solvent Properties - If there is any gum or varnish build up in your tank, the alcohol will dissolve these deposits, and they will be sucked into the engine fuel system. If that weren't bad enough, the alcohol and water combination mentioned in #2 may also encourage the growth of bacteria in the fuel tank which turns into sludge and damages the fuel system.

Please Note!   Pure Gas is only available for use in small engines and is illegal for street use. It is NOT available at our CardLock Locations.

Available at our 3 Retail Locations

Prepaid Renner Gas Cards

Prepaid Renner Gas Cards are now available at the following locations in Humboldt County:

McKinleyville Ace Hdwre.
2197 Central Ave
McKinleyville, CA

Willow Creek Ace
39168 HWY 299
Willow Creek, CA

Fortuna Ace Hardware
140 S Fortuna Blvd
Fortuna, CA

The Mill Yard
4949 West End Rd
Arcata, CA 95521

343 Redwood Ave
Redway, CA

Southern Humboldt Bldrs.
690 Thomas Dr
Garberville, CA

Hoby's Market
105 Main St
Scotia, CA

Black Dog
15880 HWY 101
Klamath, CA 95548

* Also at our 3 Office Locations

Arcata Christian
1700 Union St
Arcata, CA

Valley Grocery
339 Main St
Ferndale, CA

Loleta Market
352 Main St
Loleta, CA

Orick Market
PO BOX 218
Orick, CA

Do it Best Building
2800 Hubbard Ln
Eureka, CA

Do it Best Building
1296 11th St
Arcata, CA

Harris & K Market
3103 K ST
Eureka, CA

Pacific Outfitters
1600 Fifth Street
Eureka, CA

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Commuter Savings!  Commuting in Humboldt County is a fact of life. So whatever you drive - a compact, SUV, or even a tractor!  A Renner Cardlock Account will save you money.

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